Winter Light


Size: 25 x 30 inches (63.5 x 76.2 cm)
Medium: Oil on canvas
Signed lower left: W L Palmer
Why We Love It

Known as the “painter of the American Winter”, this picture is a marvelous example of Palmer at his best. As always, he has captured the poetic beauty of a crisp clear winter day, with the pale golden sunlight softly illuminating the freshly fallen snow. The scattered trees, which cast their reflections into the still stream, are painted with a pastel range of purples and blues.

The Value

Walter Launt Palmer's paintings, particularly of winter, are widely collected. His consummate skill and commitment to his art earned him high standing during the height of his career. But like so many artists of his generation, his contribution to American art history was eclipsed by the advent of Modernism. Over the past 10 years his reputation was fully rehabilitated and his paintings commanded high numbers both at auction and privately. We have had the opportunity to place some of Palmer's best work in important collections.