Pennsylvania's Rural Splendor


Avery Galleries is pleased to announce our first-ever exhibition of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings. Despite having sold numerous such works throughout the last decade, Avery Galleries has never before mounted a large-scale exhibition of important paintings from this distinct American school. The show will include over thirty remarkable works by artists such as Edward Redfield, Walter Elmer Schofield, and Daniel Garber to name only a few.

One of the great strengths of this exhibition is that we will be showing numerous paintings by the same artist in order to highlight the breadth of each individual's artistic style. For example, we will be exhibiting three very different but equally exceptional paintings by Daniel Garber: a beautiful landscape of the Mary Maxwell house, a small richly-colored autumnal scene of Solebury, and a rare and magnificent  painting of his wife titled The Oriole.  In addition, there will also be multiple paintings by Fern Coppedge, Edward Redfield, Kenneth Nunamaker, Walter Elmer Schofield, and John Folinsbee on view.

The excellent quality of the paintings included in the exhibition is something Avery Galleries is particularly proud of. Many of them are new to the market, having been in notable private collections until now.  They are beautifully framed and in excellent condition.  It is a rare and wonderful occasion to see so many fine works of art from a particular group of artists in one exhibition. Please join us for the opening of this exciting event next Thursday, December 12, from 6-9 pm.