Si! Cuba! Five Cuban Artists at Avery Galleries, April 7–May 21, 2017

Si! Cuba! Five Cuban Artists at Avery Galleries


Avery Galleries is thrilled to present Si! Cuba! Five Cuban Artists at Avery Galleries, featuring the work of Laura Carralero Morales, Darwin Estacio Martínez, Ernesto García Sánchez, José Manuel Mesías Jorge, and Ketty Rodríguez Quevedo. These five young artists all grew up in Cuba during the 1990's. Known as the "Special Period," this was a time of economic, moral, and social crisis in Cuba, brought about by the collapse of the Soviet Union. As the curator of the exhibition, Danella Irizar Izquierdo, explains in the introductory essay to our exhibition catalogue, these artists all are participants in Cuba's recent "return to order movement" in the visual arts, also known as "painting painting." Moreover, Danella writes that all five artists "have in common their youth, their love of painting, and also their use of it as a means for the exploration of the unknown."

Please join us for the opening reception on April 7th, 2017, from 6 to 9pm. This exhibition will be accompanied by a full color catalogue, which is available upon request.