Emily Brown
(b. 1943)

Raised in rural Chester County in a family devoted to medicine and mental health, Emily Brown has long drawn from the natural landscape for personal renewal and visual imagery. Brown's practice began with small scale plein air oil paintings of the countryside of inland Maine and parts of Philadelphia. Her restless curiosity led to making larger paintings outdoors, some with multiple images or as diptychs or triptychs. With the acquisition of a studio she explored work in other materials and at larger scales, evolving an interactive practice of ink wash drawing. Her recent subjects include trees and sections of woods, details on the ground, and water surfaces. Moved by the transience of every living thing, she values the practice of looking hard at what is – and then partnering with the aqueous medium to convey a sense of the experience. 

The artist has taught in many ways: inner city pre-school programs, middle school art at Baldwin, drawing at the University of the Arts, and painting and drawing at PAFA. For 8 years she worked as costumer for the drama dept at Germantown Friends School. She currently volunteers in a public school reading program in north Philadelphia. She has lived in Philadelphia since studying at the Pennsylvania Academy. She and her husband, the photographer Will Brown, summer in Montville, Maine.