Frederick Mortimer Lamb

Born in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Lamb, at age 17, attended the Massachusetts Normal Art School in Boston, followed by study at the Académie Julian in Paris, France. A versatile artist, Lamb is known for his paintings depicting landscapes, portraits, genre scenes, still-lifes, and sporting art. Lamb was equally versatile in a variety of different mediums and styles, and he painted a wide range of subjects equally well, with a high level of skill and mastery of color and light. He believed that the work of an artist was never completed-- a subject offered new study and achievement through a lifetime.

Lamb was a member of the New York Water Color Club (absorbed by the American Water Color Society in 1941), American Water Color Society, Washington Water Color Club, New Haven Paint and Clay Club, and the Boston Art Club. He also exhibited at the Boston Art Club, Art Institute of Chicago, 20th Century Exposition in Boston, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, Society of Independent Artists, and Salons of America.