George Hyde Pownall

Little is recorded of London artist, George Hyde-Pownall, and his career; however, his body of work acts as a primary witness to his life experiences, detailing both where he traveled and his particular interests. Born in England during a period of great cultural change, Hyde-Pownall grew to demonstrate a marked awareness of the burgeoning technology and industrialization that spread throughout his country's metropolitan centers. Hyde-Pownall frequented London's most lively intersections producing works that captured the glowing lights, omni-buses and thrill of Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Hyde Park. He also offered a number of striking views from the Thames River that incorporated London's famous landmarks such as the Houses of Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral. Hyde-Pownall's paintings suggest that he traveled to Australia where he created views of Melbourne, perhaps during the years 1911 - 1930. Today, the artist's works can be found in the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne.